Evening on Legian Beach


Posted on the Bali Travel Forum by Badak Sinting on Thursday, 19. May 2005 at 12:31 Bali Time:


Before the Raja's Bridge was built, we squinched our way across the drain to our usual stool at Warung Tikus. A few people there, including Dutch friends from previous year, good company.

Martina was straight away at my back, pausing reverently only when it was 'sip-time'; good education that lady, knows what's important to a Tourist. RP20,000 for 20 minutes is fair and is really too heavenly for words, except maybe the words 25,000! Large smile.

A young Balinese courting couple shared a Fanta, sitting on the sand, just in front of the Esky, unaware of our scrutiny. They started 20cm apart and the boyo kept inching towards the object of his desire. Eventually, contact was made, a snuggle followed and the heads, over 20 minutes got much closer together, until, yikes, the lad stole a Western Kiss on her mouth, followed by a playful slap and the admonitory finger in his face as she laid down the rules, albeit smilingly. "Don't be so forward Wayan, I'll tell my Dad"! When they left, he was not allowed to brush the sand off her more interesting locations. When they turned around they realised we had been observing. Yes, Balinese girls can blush, and how! They were back next evening, but sat behind us, with knowing smiles all around.

A doggie, we call him 'The Masked Raider' hangs around at Tikus. His face has a black mask and he does look as if he gets the odd Touristic feed. He usually goes 20m towards the sea and digs a hole, with much attention to his Compass and GPS (Balinese dogs are quite modern, you know) and of course sniffing the breeze to make sure of the Feng Shui etc. The hole is usually his own girth, circular and about 25cm deep. The Masked Raider lies patiently, for up to an hour and you wonder what he's up to, until, as the last Tourist departs, Nyoman opens the bung on his Esky and, joy of joys, out flows a stream of lovely iced water, just at doggy-temperature, as a reward for working those long hours on the beach. One happy doggie and not stupid either as he doesn't tell his mates about his private little liquid bonanza. Wonder if he'd like a beer?

Made Tikus now pregnant and due about July; I've asked her if she'll call the baby Komang Piter, but I think maybe not.

Surya, the SunGod has now gone for his nightly dip, with his acolyte stars doing some of His Bali supervision until he gets back for another Bali day amongst God's chosen people. (I know this is true, because they've told me). It's rumoured that a few of the stars join Him in his bath later, splashes have often been heard during the darkling hours of night. Ah well. SunGods gotta play like the rest of us, I suppose.



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