Bali .


As I mentioned this morning to Charlie
There is far too much music in Bali
And altho' as a place it's entrancing
There is also a thought too much dancing.
It appears that each Balinese native
From the womb to the tomb is creative,
From sunrise till long after sundown,
Without getting nervy or rundown
They sculpt and they paint and they practise their songs,
They run through their dances and bang on their gongs,
Each writhe and each wriggle,
Each glamorous wriggle
Each sinuous action,
Is timed to a fraction.
And altho' the results are quite charming,
If sometimes a trifle alarming!
And altho' all the 'Lovelies' and 'Pretties'
Unblushingly brandish their titties
The whole thing's a little too clever
And there's too much artistic endeavour!

Forgive the above mentioned Charlie,
I had to rhyme something with Bali.

Noel Coward.



Here's a link back to our HOME PAGE and one to some photos of a trip we did to an orphanage way out west in Bali, at Negara.

- fan8 - new4