Bali 2008 - The Year of the Family.



2008 was a year I had long been waiting for. It was to be, quickly and unexpectedly in the end, the year our two girls, Wayan Emma and Made Marion, with their children Wayan Eloise and Made Maeve and Wayan Declan, were to come to Bali with us.


It was to be 'The Aussie Family' meets 'the Bali Family' - the culmination of several years and many dreams, delayed by each addition to the family, minor crises and a recalcitrant father.



The 'Bali family' bit might sound rather odd but our links with Bali go back to 1979, that's nearly 30 years and a lot of water under the bridge.

That first trip (Use this link if you're interested in the details of that story.) was to be a dirty weekend escape from Her mother but it turned out to be a dead loss when I developed a bad case of urinary tract crystals and spent much of the holiday either dosed up on morphine or doubled over in the toilet.

Never-the-less it began a love affair with the land and eventually the people and their way of life that is still with us.

On subsequent visits we have  been allowed into families' homes and lives and have been treated as one of the family and we now look on those friends, in return, as part of our extended family.

For our Aussie families point of view their love of Bali probably began with the gifts we brought home, followed by the photos and the stories and the simple curiosity about what we did during those regular absences and it is not too unexpected, I think, that there would come a time for them to join us.


- - -And this was to be the time.


What follows has been written mainly for those grand children who wont remember the details but might want to remember the fact of their going. I hope that they might enjoy it one day and in the meantime I hope that you, ('Dear reader', I suppose I should put in here, like real writers do.) enjoy it also.




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1.  Beforehand. Us and the organisation.

2. The Flights. Adelaide - Melbourne by Virgin and Melbourne - Denpasar by Garuda.

3. Arrival. After going around the world and seeing Adelaide twice we arrive in Paradise.

4. Monica 1. Our beach friend Monica - 'of the teeth'.

5. Monica 2.

       ( Monica 3. ) An epilogue from our January 2009 'holiday' in Bali

6. Declan wouldn't keep his mouth closed.

7. The Negara Orphanage, 1. Those kids and that place.

8. The Negara Orphanage, 2. Mainly photos that I couldn't resist.

9. Pura Rambut Siwi. The temple overlooking the ocean on the way home from Negara.

10. The Old Boat Builder of Jimbaran Bay. A sad day for us but not for the Balinese.

11. A Rice Field Retreat. Our friendly banker in Bali builds an escape from frenetic, and now loud, Seminyak beach. The southern slopes of Mount Batukaru are different.

12.  The Safari Park adventure.

13.  Ubud Part 1; Galungan, some shopping, the Monkey Forest, Penjor and Pejeng and the story of the Moon, the Palace and a driver - Donald Bebek

14.  Ubud Part 2; the trip up the 'Kintamani Highway' - coffees, teas, spices and kites, the crater at Bedugul and the Candikuning markets, Pacung and sadness, the Harris Kuta Hotel and Ubud flowers.

15.  Tuban and Bali friends with eyesight problems and other things.



Thanks for sharing in our family visit to Bali. I hope you liked it and are perhaps tempted to visit Bali, or to visit different parts of Bali that you haven't seen before.
It's a surprising island when you go in search of what's beyond the common tourist zones.





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